Diana and the Moondogs, the band. Diana sings and plays rhythm guitar, Mike Woods plays guitar and sings, Kenny Bugg plays bass, Rob Howe plays drums,unknown Amish man plays keyboards.

Roots, rock'n'blues

(we're from Washington, D.C.)

Diana and the Moondogs inhabit that mythical
space between rhythm & blues and rock & roll --
that rich, energetic period when an original
American genre was born. The Moondogs play
"roots, rock'n'blues," with the emphasis on rockin'!
This is the genuine article. From the romantic
balladry of Irma Thomas to the rockin' rhythm
of Etta James, Diana and the Moondogs re-invent
the excitement those artists created to produce
pure, true rhythm & blues, blues and rock and
roll. With an emphasis on the female contribution to
rhythm & blues, Diana and the Moondogs play
original tunes as well as first generation rock and
roll. The music explodes with sexy, unabashed
emotion, a thumping back beat, and jumping 2/4
Diana and the Moondogs have performed at
Carter Barron Amphitheater, the Opryland Hotel
and local venues such as City Blues, Vienna's
Tap Room, Club Soda and Madam's Organ. They
are equally at home playing festivals, weddings
and nightclubs.

Diana Quinn fronts The Fabulettes and Tru Fax & the
Insaniacs. Her vivacious vocals and vibrant stage presence
guarantee a rockin' house.

Mike Woods plays guitar. I mean Really Plays Guitar.
Mike also sings; he is, quite simply, a powerhouse.

Kenny Bugg's jumpin' bass and Rob Howe's explosive
drumming propel the Moondogs with pumping rhythm.

Mark Jefferson adds the sweet piano harmonies.

The Fabulettes often join the Moondogs and take the
audience back to the wonderful world of the great girl groups of
the 1960s.

Would you like to hear the Moondogs??
You'll need RealAudio. Do you have it? Would you like it?

Good Rockin'Daddy
It's Raining

For booking information, please email Diana at diana@muddypaws.com
Here's our schedule....
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