The Tibetan KyiApso

Kang and Mindu

One of the rarest breeds in the world
The lovable Tibetan KyiApso(kee-AHP-soh) is a rare and ancient breed from Tibet, the "rooftop of the world." Traditionally used by nomads for guarding livestock and for personal protection, these large, playful dogs are recognized by their long, full coats, fully curled tails and "bearded" faces. In Tibetan, "kyi" means dog, and "apso" means bearded. KyiApsos are highly intelligent dogs; some of those lucky enough to live with KyiApsos swear that they are "psychic." Whatever that extra special quality is, these dogs have irresistible charm and personality.

this is kang rinpocheKANG RINPOCHE
is one of our imports from the foot of Mt. Kailash, one of Tibet's most holy sites. In June, 1994, Dr. Daniel Taylor-Ide, who brought the first Tibetan KyiApso into the U.S., led a small expedition from Lhasa to the holy mountain, on a pilgrimage to find KyiApso puppies. We called it The Search for the Tibetan KyiApso.

The Tibetan KyiApso Club exists to support this exciting breed. It wants to ensure that a responsible breeding program is established, in order to preserve the unique traditional features of the KyiApso as it has developed in its native Tibet.

The Club is continually working on its breeding program and Tibetan KyiApso Standard. We also have a Photogallery, including our latest puppies!!! And we have a mystery breed! Can you guess what it is?

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